Dr. Amit Mittal

MBBS, DNB (Orthopedics)
FNB (Hand and Microsurgery)
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Wrist Artho Surgery and Hand arthritis

With age our hand got arthritis pain in fingers, thumb and wrist, which is usually managed by pain killers and steroid injection. Due to un-awareness, people failed to get to see the results of available surgery for this kind of problem. Dr. Amit Mittal did similar case of arthritis and results are superb.

Before operation
During Operation
After Operation

Wrist Surgery

This is one of the severe injuries of the wrist which was missedinitially. Dr. Amit Mittal convince the patient that operation is essential. He understands and now after surgery he is able to do all work.

  • Age/sex – 55 Year/Male

Diagnosis –

One month old volar dislocation of lunate bone of right wrist with median nerve compresssion.

Surgery –

  • Carpal tunnel release
  • With Open reduction of Lunate bone right wrist
  • With scapholunate ligament reconstruction using split Flexor carpi ralialis tendon
  • With K wire fixation of Scaapholunate, Scaphocapitate and Luno triquitral joint.
Before operation
During Operation
After Operation


A business man was suffering with wrist pain for few years. Initially it was intermittent but then it starts worsening with time.
Dr. Amit Mittal found that he was having rare disease called KEINBOCK. After surgery he is feeling better and forgot his wrist pain.

  • Age/sex – 25 Year/Male
Before operation
During Operation