Dr. Amit Mittal

MBBS, DNB (Orthopedics)
FNB (Hand and Microsurgery)
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Other Hand Problems Surgery


She having mild pain since some years and managing it with pain killers. Dr Amit Mittal evaluated and founded tumour kind of disease. She understands it well and got it operated. Now she is enjoying her family.

Before Surgery
During Surgery
After Surgery

Door Crush Injury

He is an engineer and he got his left finger crushed accidently while closing the door by himself. He lost to consult hand surgeon due to un-awareness of this specialty. He got the number of Dr. Amit Mittal. Dr. Amit resolved all his worries related to his works and operated him same day. Now he is busy in his work and he cannot answer which finger was injured.

  • Age/sex – 47Year/male

Diagnosis –

Finger tip injury left little finger with doubtful viability with nail bed injury.

Surgery –

Wound debridment with nail bed repair and pss left little finger.

Before operation
After Operation

Micro Vascular Surgery

She is very busy in her work and never gets the time to take proper treatment from outside the painful hand look like a normal hand. So she is managing it with pain killers. Dr. Amit Mittal advised for MRI test and Dr. Amit fined compressive her nerve.
It’s very difficult surgery with uncertain results. Dr. Amit Mittal took the challenge and take out all the structure matiquesly without further damage and now she milking the cow daily morning without difficulty.

  • Age/sex – 35 Year/Female

Diagnosis –

Venous malformation right forearm secondary to ulnar artery veina commitantes with normal skin and no neurovascular deficiet.

Surgery –

Excisional biopsy of venous malformation of right forearm.

Before operation
During Operation
After Operation
Venous malformation under Flexor digitorum superficialis and profundus
Swelling Excised Portion
After removal of venous malformation